Sponsoring TECHJAM 2016

TechJam is going to house more than 500 tech enthusiast, young entrepreneurs, corporate workers and students all in one venue. TechJam will give you direct access to pool of customers while you at the same time have a sure defined contribution action to developing the technology ecosystem.

Why You Should Sponsor Tech Jam:

  • You are helping to create and a voice for this talent and information driven generation by making TechJam 2016 happen.
  • Your brand will be in the faces of a number of participants
  • You will get to engage with participant one on one and even get feedbacks for improvement even as they get to be real and loyal customers.
  • Logos and brand credit of our sponsors are displayed all across our communications, branding materials, magazine.
  • You can also get the opportunity to host a breakout session to train and teach selected participants about your product.
  • You also get an exhibition stand to showcase your brand.